Trusted Trader Program 11 April 2019


Our friends at The Great Southern Development Commission have given us the heads up that there is going to be a Trusted Trader Program happening in town this week and have extended the invitation.

Here are the details

Great Southern exporters, importers and service providers are invited to attend an Australian Trusted Trader workshop at the Great Southern Development Commission (GSDC), Pyrmont House on Thursday 11 April, 9:00am – 10:00am. Please find attached a brochure for the workshop.

What is the Trusted Trader Program?

  • Australian Trusted Trader is a free trade facilitation program which is run by the Australian Border Force.
  • The program’s aim is to recognise and accredit Australian businesses who have secure international supply chain practices and reward them with access to a range of trade facilitation benefits.
  • These benefits are designed to give Australian businesses a competitive edge and greater access to global markets.
  • An overview of the program, followed by a Q&A session will be provided at the workshop.
  • At the workshop, the Trusted Trader team will be available to assist you with completing an application form.


Further information

Want to see the flyer?

Check it out here: Trusted Trader Workshop Albany flyer_GSDC. Have questions? Ring GSDC on: 98424888.

Have questions about your business, trading stuff, import and export nitty gritty? Ring us, Business Great Southern, on 98418477.