COVID-19: 10 Credible sources of information you should be relying on

make decisions on credible information

As we venture into uncharted territory, it is has never been more important to make decisions based off correct information from credible sources. Here are a list of credible resources for you to fact check information you have received before building an action plan of what to do next.

For Business:

For essential information:

  • www.australia.gov.au gives you updated news, updates and advice from Government agencies across the country
  • www.health.gov.au will keep you in the loop with how the Government is responding to and monitoring the situation
  • www.fwc.gov.au will give you all of the Fair Work updates on how to move forward/keep operating

Support information

Please be very mindful of the information you choose to take on board. Make sure it’s legitimate, current and from a credible source. If you’re in doubt, please give us a ring on 98418809 and we can help you.