What do to with your Grease Arrestor pre-COVID-19 hibernation

What Water Corp WA expect hospitality businesses to dow with grease traps before hibernating

A message from Water Corporation of WA for all businesses with a grease trap or grease arrestor before you go into hibernation.

When a business advises you that they are closing due to the downturn and so don’t want the GA pumped, please advise them –

  • They need to pump out this time at their usual schedule as the load is already in the grease arrestor from previous ‘normal’ trading – it is the next pump out that will need to be extended or cancelled depending on what happens in coming weeks and months.
  • Pump the grease arrestor as close as possible to the last day of trade or if continuing to trade at reduced hours/takeaway only, on the usual schedule date;
  • Advise Fogman (fogman@watercorporation.com.au) of the closure or change of trading;
  • Advise of reopening date if/when it happens or an approximate/expected/hopeful date when known.”

If you have any questions or need clarification, please get in touch with us by booking in online or give us a ring on 98418809. If you have any questions for Water Corp, please contact the email address above.

We’re here to help you and your business get through this, so if you need to bounce some ideas around, identify strategies or build an action plan, then please book in with us.