Pure Adwords: Business supporting small business


The last few months have definitely put strain on our small business and even big business community. But in amongst that strain and discomfort there have been some incredible silver linings, opportunities and acts of generosity that rekindle faith in humanity.

Pure Adwords specialises in digital marketing and building ‘strategic campaigns built for the now’ and as it turns out, whopping acts of awesome. They have committed half a million dollars to helping a select number of small businesses over the next six months at no cost to the business.

At a time where uncertainty is the new norm, one thing is certain – The need for small business to adapt, and adopt a strong digital focus. As traditional offline revenue sources greatly reduce or stop altogether , driving leads, enquiries and ultimately revenue through digital has transcended from ‘business best practice’ to a ‘core fundamental pillar of survival’.

Pure AdWords has committed $500,000 to support small business over the coming 6 months by working with selected businesses at no cost for a period of two months each. Businesses are required to cover their advertising spend in Google each month, with a recommended minimum spend of $1,000 monthly. At the end of the 2 month period we’ll have you on the right track and you can take it from there. As a specialist Search Engine Marketing agency for small business we deliver performance using Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Google My Business and YouTube Advertising. This means you’re using demand based advertising to capture people in market right now, that are either searching for your brand directly or your product or service.”
Pure Adwords

Businesses will have to apply for this stimulus package via the Pure Adwords website here.

To see business stepping up to the plate and extending support and services to other businesses is really something to be proud of. Every single business, start up or business intendor is an integral part of our business community and it is up to each and every one of us to contribute, react and engage so we can enrich our business ecosystems and communities.

Thank you Pure Adwords for setting such a great example and putting this opportunity forward.