Expand your business.

You’ve been trading for a couple of years, you’re getting a feel for how your business really works and what it can do for you but you know it’s not going anywhere unless you can make it grow.

You may need to reach a bigger or broader audience, value add existing products, introduce complementary products or learn how to close more sales.

Taking a strategic approach to expansion will pay dividends. There are many aspects to growing a business and taking advantage of available support streams makes good sense.

Establishing systems and processes, taking on employees, finding new markets, developing online capacity, increasing production, lowering unit costs…

We can provide advice in all these areas, helping you to meet your compliance needs and avoid many of the pitfalls that await the unwary.

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We see you and you deserve the good stuff! The Free business support and high fives

We’ve got the goods & this is why we think YOU deserve them at no charge

We see you. You hardworking, multi-tasking, over caffeinated, under holidayed business person and we salute you. You’re part of our community’s lifeblood and you are helping your town stay afloat. Thanks for sticking to your guns! Building your own business can be the roller coaster you never signed up for sometimes but you’ve got this, and we’ve got your back!


Because you are persevering and got your local business up and going instead of packing for the Big Smoke, 9 out of every 10 dollars that comes into your business will actually stay in your town, and those are the dollars that help keep the lights on next door and business opportunities stay local.

We’d like to say we applaud you but it’s more than that really; we want to start international Mexican waves in your honour, get the aerobatic squad up to draw love hearts with your name in them across the sky (along with all sorts of other totally ridiculously extravagant acts of appreciation that still somehow fall short of how awesome we think you are.). You are awesome because your achievements make way for more; more achievements, innovation, businesses and opportunities. More of these things means less struggle, less friction and less resistance in the future.

Life is short, eat the cake and celebrate your local business achievements, whether they are yours or your neighbour’s. We know we do. It takes a village to raise a child and my goodness do small businesses have a lot in common with children!

Here’s the down low on how much it will actually cost

If you are wanting to start, grow or exit a business, here at Business Great Southern we can give you the support you need to get you where you and your business need to go at no charge thanks to Business Local. We can also help you with challenges, obstacles or issues that are pulling your business into the slow lane at no charge. You will have to invest some time and effort into it, sure, but you won’t have to part with any of your savings or income for any of our Business Great Southern consultations. We don’t want your money (honey), we want your commitment to making your business work! So you can leave your dollars in your wallet, and your credit card at home. Come in and lets get to it!


It won’t cost you money, but it isn’t free…Here is the nitty gritty

Business Great Southern is a Business Local provider (as mentioned above) so that means Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) covers the cost of your consultation. To get these consultations covered, we have to give SBDC the following info:

  1. How many people we see each month
  2. How many people had ABNs and how many people didn’t
  3. What challenges those people were facing
  4. What solutions or action plans we came up with together (we don’t tell you what to do, we work on it together, we aren’t fortune tellers)
  5. What assistance we provided
  6. What postcode these folks live in (we have 11 shires in our patch, so we have to show we are here for everyone)

SBDC then double checks that we are actually helping local businesses improve and grow by sending out the odd survey or picking up the phone to chat to you. Once this is done, SBDC give their accounts team the green light to settle your bill.

This does mean that you may be contacted by SBDC to keep us accountable to you and our community, but they will not be sharing your details with anyone else and neither will we. They also take the time to pool their resources to create templates and tools that are relevant to current industry issues, we then share these with you in consults or via blogs, our e-newsletter or Facebook pots.

Don’t let yourself feel like you’ve been backed into a corner


We believe in our community and we want to give you and said community all the support we possible can. We are your back up, and if we don’t know the answer, or can’t find the resource to help you reach your goal, we will find someone who does and get them in to help you. We are here to help you find ways to work smarter, not harder, maybe fit in a few more holidays and give you the chance to enjoy coffee as a warm drink that smells great, not an emergency life line that is going to get you through the day!

Call 98418809 to reserve a consultation or email admin@businessgs.com.au for more information.

Getting Online

The internet can open the door to a far broader audience but, as you’d know from your own searching, the web’s awash with offerings. How will your wood be seen among the trees. Knowing what you want to achieve online is a good start. Working out the best way to achieve your goals before you sign up a web developer will save you time, effort and money. Striking out into the world of the web without preparation is a formula for wasted money, energy and will most likely end in dissatisfaction.

Talk to us for help in setting your online goals and how to set about achieving them.

Taking on Staff

Appointing your first employee is one of the more daunting tasks in a modern business. Compliance requirements are high and getting it right is important. But, before you get them filling in tax file declarations, you should be talking to us about how to manage your way through the selection and appointment process. Getting the right person for the job is critical to building a successful business.

Talk to us about the steps you can take to ensure your employee engagement is the best it can be and to cover your compliance bases.